The annual event comrades enthusiast car bearing 3 this point, held in the courtyard of the temple of Borobudur, Central Java. GSOTR Mercedes Benz is an annual event of my friends car lovers community Bavarian country's output, was held on 17 to 18 May 2014 and took the momentum of the national sandwiched aka holiday display. The goal? To be friends of other areas may also attend this event.

This time, PRESTONE attended the event in collaboration with community W203. Rallying point, Rest Area (RA) 19 miles, toll Cikampek, May 15, 2014. Trip any night at select by friends of W203 in the region to take touring to the Borobudur temple, through the Southern Cross. Release in RA Km 19 followed more than 10 vehicles, which later joined the W203 Bandung chapter, and there will gather members of the chapter of Semarang, Surabaya and Bali.

This time, PRESTONE provide products PRESTONE Synthetic Motorcycle Oil 10W - 40 to comrades W203 community. It is very helpful to our friends to the South through traffic toward the Borobudur. While maintaining the principle of Safety Driving, W203 comrades were immediately departed from RA Km 19 to the Borobudur temple ...

Have a safe trip...!