In late August, exactly on 30 to 31 August 2014, held at the Air Field Suryadharma, Kali Jati, Subang, West Java, held SPEED MASTER CHAMPIONSHIP series 2, continuing a successful series 1 held last February 2014. After several schedule changes, eventually the series 2 was successfully held.

Unlike the first series, which became wet race track due to heavy rain, this time, the condition of the track is very barren due to the scorching heat. Dust soaring into the air each time the racers passed. In anticipation of this, the organizers should be several times the flush edge of the track with the airport fire trucks, dust so thick not to interfere with the race.

In this second series, SPEED MASTER CHAMPIONSHIP merged with Sprint National Rally Championship, so it becomes more exciting racing. This can be seen through the thrill of the racers practicing since Friday, until the race on Saturday and Sunday.

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