Gedung Joeang, which stood from 1901 in Tambun, Bekasi, become a historical place for friends Honda Mega Pro Club Indonesia (HMPCI) in 2014. This is where the Gathering and National Conference was held, to select a chairman and board HMPCI for the next period.

All the delegates from each chapter come from Sumatra, Borneo, Bali, Sulawesi, and more. The darker the night, the parking lot is getting full also, because there are quite a lot of members whose riding their bike from many other provinces, began to arrive.

After evening prayers, the stage events then begins with the cutting of Nasi Tumpeng, pray together and exciting game. PT Autochem Industry, through PRESTONE & MASTER products, provide education about the brake fluid and chain lube. It is very helpful for our friends in HMPC, because almost everyone that comes, loves to ride quite a distance. Here, they begin to learn how to take care of the brakes systems and chains, with quality products, using our products PRESTONE BRAKE FLUID and MASTER CHAIN ‚Äč‚ÄčLUBE.

The event closed with the inauguration of the chairman and board for the next period, as well as step-screen cinema entertainment event, because all the members present, stayed overnight at Gedung Joeang, which is famous for its such haunted. We wish all members HMPCI survived the trip, to return home.

Keep on be a community of BIKERS that is always doing positive activities, obey the rules and always riding safety ...