Delta mas, Cikarang, 22 to 23 November 2014, becomes the venue for the Grand Final Drag Bike 2014 by Trendy Promo Mandira. This event will be an exciting race and fiercely, considering this last round becomes the arena of struggle between three talented young drivers, which are on top of the standings, namely Eko Frog, Toni Chupank and Alvan Cebonk.

During this event, in 2014, Master Chain Lube and Master CVT Belt Conditioner becomes one of the official sponsors of the annual event, which always anticipated by enthusiasts two-wheeled automobile. This event also become proof, that the products manufactured by PT Autochem Industry, has proven in drag bike tracks which require products with high quality and performance, as well  safe to use on daily basis.

Finally, Eko Kodok qualified in becoming the overall champion in 2014 with the acquisition of 173 points, Toni Chupank with 161 points and Alvan Cebonk followed at 149 points, out of a total of 510 people starter, which divided in 16 different classes. Congratulations to the winners, and I'll see you in 2015 ...!