4X4 Build Off Indonesia, which is a first modification contest for 4-wheel vehicles and SUVs, recently held in De'Pes Sentul West Java (5/4). The format is presented with an interesting concept, in which each participant to move forward the judges' table in rotation, through the 'Catwalk' while driving a vehicle that has been modified. Then they are given the opportunity to present on each vehicle in front of the jury. The jury is composed of a wide variety of backgrounds such as modifier, journalists, senior figures offroad, and also racers.

On this occasion, 4x4 Build Off Indonesia invites PRESTONE Brand Ambassador, Julian Johan, as one of the judges who judge the contest participant vehicles. Julian Johan is Race Driver for GT Radial PRESTONE Speed Offroad Racing Team. Unsparing, he had come to bring his race vehicle, the Jeep Grand Cherokee, in the middle of the visitors of this event. "Although not present as a contestant, I brought this car in order to bring more color to this event. Because here, the various types of off-road cars assembled. Such a weekend gathering." Jeje said, familiar name for Julian Johan.

This 4x4 Build Off Indonesia event, has a perfect timing for Julian Johan. In the sidelines of preoccupations to follow Speed Offroad Championship, this event takes place at the time of leisure for Jeje. On this occasion, he also introduced further into existence Speed Offroad sports to visitors. Compared with Offroad Adventure, Speed Offroad is still less demand. "If the community is still difficult to watch Speed Offroad directly, at least I try to present the Speed Off-road vehicles to them as starters. It is also one of the program from PT AUTOCHEM INDUSTRY as a sole distributor for PRESTONE brake fluid products." Jeje closed at the end of the event.