Located at the Traffic Park Cibubur, (26/4) kopidarat (gathering) APV Club JABODETABEK was attended by 65 vehicles bearing the letter "S" is. Dominated by members who are already married, this event becomes entertainment for the wives and children. While doing education about safe traffic for children from an early age, the traffic park in Cibubur was chosen.

PT AUTOCHEM INDUSTRY present in the middle of the excitement of this event, by bringing the products under the brand PRESTONE, FRAM, MASTER, and Autolite. Packed with auction and sharing education about braking system, making the event more excited.

APV Club included in the category of community that has long existed in the automotive Indonesia, has many Chapter throughout Indonesia, and always makes events associated with road safety, such as in the event, held the race driving skills with secure parking and fast way.