Nissan is working with Italdesign to celebrate the 2018 Nissan GT-R's birthday, entering its 50th year. Of course this is not a form of the next GT-R considering the last model just came out.

The outer display shows minor changes, such as a lower roof, a curved body side, and a gold accent on some components. On the interior side, changes are not too visible. Similar to the standard GT-R but using a new model steering wheel and racing model instrument panels and different materials such as carbon fiber and gold accents, to match the exterior design.

The engine uses the GT-R Nismo production, but it is dug up again to reach 710 hp and 779 Nm of torque. Transmission uses a six-speed dual clutch system. All components of the transmission, differential, reinforced axle and suspension are adjusted to accommodate all these changes.

There is a possibility that this model will be produced for sale even though it may be in limited quantities and editions, bro ..