This 4th series of Sentul International Series of Motorsport (ISSOM) which was held at Sentul circuit (17-18 / 8) was quite unique because it was titled Night Race for the first time. The innovations made by the Sentul party gave a different atmosphere from the usual events held during the day.

"A good step to provide a different atmosphere when the number of racing participants is still crowded as usual. If the racing series tonight is passed without a dangerous accident, next year there will be 3 series held at night," said Fitra Eri as a Honda Bandung Center Racing Team racer.

The 4th ISSOM series became the first project to ensure the race was safe and did not receive complaints from the participants. Lighting is not as bad as imagined. So even the regulations are flexible enough to allow the addition of LEDs in the car.

But this time change made the entire team make adjustments to the racing, not least the Garden Speed ​​team sponsored by Prestone. The lights are the main focus to optimize Fitra Eri who goes down in the class of Honda Jazz Brio Speed ​​Challenge and Indonesian Touring Car Championship (ITCC).

"In the setup of the car to drive the front wheels, only a little change. Conditions of night racing make a record of time also increased by about 0.5-0.7 seconds, rather than racing in the daytime," explained Taqwa SS as the owner of the Garden Speed ​​workshop in Cilandak, Jakarta.

One unique thing is the presence of new concoction tires from GT Radial SX2. This application of new tires during the race is what made Fitra Eri able to reach the podium at the 2018 ISSOM Night Race.

"Comparison of the use of old and new tires from the team, almost disputed one second, so I have to start from third position. But this is not a bad position," added Fitra Eri who won second place in the two classes.

A good start is done by Fitra Eri so that it can overtake one position at the first corner. The tight competition with Rio SB from the Honda Racing team made the race so interesting. Position one often changes positions throughout the race with a lap time that is very thin from the lap to lap.

Not a bad result, considering changing the tire brand certainly requires a change in the suspension setup. Even with daytime setup data, the tuner - Taqwa SS - is able to provide optimal results for the Honda Jazz racing. Likewise, Fitra Eri with his role as a driver, is able to optimize his production well.