Beginning in 2014, the world of motor sports in the country preparing for an event that is most awaited by racing enthusiasts, the Speed ​​Master Championship 2014 (SMC). The event itself is a development of events that have been done in previous years. By combining the speed of offroad enthusiasts and sprint rally hobbyists, this become one of the most awaited events.

Manned national riders who have international experience, Rifat Sungkar, this adds a festive event. Starting from an idea, how to fight with a jeep in a rally car on the same track? That is the idea of ​​the event Speed ​​Master Championship 2014. Housed in Suryadarma airfield circuit, Kalijati, Subang, West Java, the event is expected to be in the title of three series for the year 2014, namely:

-          Series 1 : January 25th – 26th

-          Series 2 : March 8th – 9th

-          Series 3 : March 26th – 27th

However, series 1 which should fall in January 2014, had to be postponed to February 8 to 9 because of very high rainfall, causing the circuit conditions impossible to be used, plus the flooding that hit the area of Subang. But it did not make the participants down in spirit, it just made 200 registered participants more eager to prepare the car as well as their physical, including racers from GT Radial team PRESTONE, Julian Johan.

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This event is one of the program from PT Autochem Industry as a brand lisencee and sole distributor for PRESTONE, FRAM, AUTOLITE and MASTER to advance the national racing world as well as one piece of evidence that all our products are quality and race tested..

Go Indonesian automotive..!