Additional Info

  • Function: interior
  • Color: -
  • Application: Car
  • Netto: 12 x 14 OZ
  • How To Use:

    1. Shake can well before use.
    2. Check for colorfastness on hidden area.
    3. Blot up excess stain with a clean, dry cloth.
    4. Spray stain remover directly on stained surface from 6 to 8 inches away.
    5. Allow stain remover to penetrate stained surface for 15–30 seconds for fresh stains, 60 seconds for dried stains.
    6. Use a clean, damp cloth or sponge to generously work the stained area with a circular motion. Use the brushcap to remove dried stains. Avoid using brushcap on fresh stains to carpet.
    7. Rinse and wring out cloth and repeat step 4 until stain is gone. Repeat product application and cleaning steps if necessary.
    8. Finish by blotting area with a dry cloth and vacuum when dry


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