Additional Info

  • Function: Bidy
  • Color: -
  • Application: Car | Motorcycle
  • Netto: 6 x 16 Oz
  • How To Use:

    1. Park vehicle in shaded area. Do not wax vehicle in direct sunlight
    2. Wash car, preferable with Prestone High Foam Car Wash. No need to dry vehicle, wax can be applied to a wet or dry surface.
    3. Apply wax liberally with the supplied applicator pad in a circular motion, making sure to completely and evenly coat the vehicle surface. Don’t worry about the build-up in crevices, between doors, or around door handles, it will rinse right off.
    4. Immediately rinse off wax with strong spray of water. Do not let dry
    5. For best results, dry with a soft cloth or chamois.


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