A quick penetrating formula with a dual surfactant cleaning system that’s excellent for auto and truck engines, lawn mowers, marine equipment and machinery. When used as directed heavy duty solvents and surfactants in this aerosol work with the heat of the engine to dissolve grease and oil, allowing them to be easily rinsed away from engine components.

Additional Info

  • Function: Engine
  • Color: -
  • Application: Car | Motorcycle
  • Netto: 6 x 7.5 OZ
  • How To Use: 1. Engine should be warm not hot. 2. Be certain that ignition is turned off. 3. Remove air cleaner. 4. Cover carburetor or inlet and distributor cap with plastic (freezer or sandwich bags are ideal) or other waterproof material. 5. Liberally spray all areas to be cleaned. 6. Allow to soak for 10 minutes. 7. Hose away or remove in accordance with local restrictions.


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