Rust Proof

  • Master Rubberized Undercoat
    With anti-rust formula to protect the inside of the door and underside of the car, truck, boat, trailer, container, wood and roof of your house. Also for all surfaces that require protection from rust, need silencers or insulation against heat.
    Function :
    Rust Proof
    Color :
    Application :
    Car | Motorcycle | Industri
    Netto :
    500 ml
    Surface to be coated must be clean of dust and dirt. Shake the can for about 30 seconds after the sound of the ball stirrer. Spray evenly with a few short bursts. Spraying ideal temperature between 10-32C. Do not spray on catalytic converters, transmissions, heat shield, axle, manifold, drum brakes, disc brakes or oil crankcase. Clean the nozzle after use by turning the can upside down and press the nozzle at least two seconds.
How To Use