Prestone Brake Parts Cleaner Prestone Brake Parts Cleaner Prestone Brake Parts Cleaner
High performance cleaner that removes grease, grime, and dust. Contains no chlorinated solvents. Heavy duty surfactants and solvents in this aerosol work to dissolve grease and oil to remove them along with brake dust found on brake parts.  While strong on grease and brake dust, this formulation is safe to use on brake system components. Dissolved grease and oil, and the brake dust can easily be cleaned away from brake parts leaving no residue.  This formula is designed to be quick drying and is compliant with VOC regulations.  For use on brakes and brake parts only.

Additional Info

  • Function: Brake System
  • Color: -
  • Application: Car | Motorcycle
  • Netto: 6 x 14.5 OZ
  • How To Use:

    1. Direct button at area to be sprayed
    2. Hold can at least six inches away and spray liberally. Avoid getting spray on painted surfaces.
    3. Dab clean cleaned part dry with clean cloth or allow to air dry.
    4. Shake can frequently throughout application.