Master Grease
Understand material, Adjust Purpose

Grease or so-called fat, is one of the lubricant other than oil in motor vehicles, but has a more viscous or solid. Because the grease was originally derived from animal fats and used to lubricate the gear or wheel that moves to work better.

Along with the development of technology, grease commonly used today based oil or oil base (either mineral or synthetic) with a content consisting of thickener or matrix. Thus, the grease can be used for various needs, both in the automotive and industrial world. Grease has advantages in solid form, and their useful life is longer and does not spread everywhere.

Real function, in addition to lubricating grease is to prevent water and dirt into the lubricated parts. In addition, also keeping the occurrence of rust or corrosion on metal surfaces, as well as keep the temperature on parts lubricated.

There are several types of grease based material and the amount of additives that can be used for their designated purpose. One is sodium soap base, namely grease with relatively high fiber content and can be used on components with the working temperature is high enough, such as wheel bearings, but has fairly poor resistance to water.

Grease with calcium soap base has a softer texture, as well as a pretty good durability against water. But unfortunately, it is not resistant to the performance at a high enough temperature.

Grease is a lithium soap base grease that has pretty much utility or multi-purpose grease, with durability against water pretty good, and can protect the body from dirt and capable of working at a high enough temperature.

Grease bentonite (clay) base is the grease that is designed to be able to work at higher temperatures. Typically used in wheel bearings or brake disc, because this grease has a bentonite base material that does not have a drop point (performance indicator for the maximum temperature grease).

Grease complex soap base is the development of calcium soap base and lithium grease, by adding some chemical additives. Thus, this type of grease can work with a maximum although at high temperatures.

Calcium complex grease is a type of grease with resistance to water is very good, and can work at high temperature. However, it is not suitable for pumping lines are long, because the level is quite high viscosity of grease is.

Grease the aluminum complex is a multipurpose grease, including for use in the industrial world with a very heavy workload. Because, this grease has a resistance to very high loads, as well as having excellent adhesion.

Grease lithium complex is almost the same as the conventional lithium grease that can be applied to a variety of things, where the grease has a resistance to water was perfect, resistance to high temperatures, and resistance to a good load, and can be pumped through the holes lubricant. Viscosity level is not so high, but still have a pretty good adhesive power, so it is not easy to melt.

Polyurea base grease is grease that has excellent resistance to oxidation and can be used for long-term applications, where grease is resilient against high workload and high temperature. In addition, this grease also can work with up to object at high speed, such as wheel bearings or roller bearings. AI