The 4th series of Sentul International Series of Motorsport (ISSOM) is held at night. Titled ISSOM Night Race (17-18 / 8) which coincided with this Independence Day, several National Championship racing classes were also contested.

It looks like the Sentul side wants to restore the nighttime frenzy that often happened when the drag race event was on the rise in the mid 1990s. But because this turing race circled the circuit, it certainly had a different challenge than the drag race at that time.

What are the challenges that must be faced by drivers and mechanics in preparing the race car? "Basically night and day racing doesn't have a significant difference in vehicle setup, because modern machines have computer-regulated sensors to compensate for a variety of conditions. It's different if the engine still relies on carburetors, of course the setup must be adjusted due to cooler temperatures," explained Sudiyanto, owners of Yanto Motor in Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta.

Taqwa SS also as a retainer of Garden Speed ‚Äč‚Äčalso expressed the same thing, that there is no different setup for wheel alignment for front wheel drive cars (FWD). But for rear drive (RWD), it could be different because of better tire grip when the track conditions are cold.

Lighting is the most crucial component. Because the Sentul circuit is so minimal in lighting, the optimal lighting is automatically needed from the vehicle.

Sudiyanto also explained that the current regulation, lighting is only allowed from the standard conditions of the car, which is a maximum of 4 lights consisting of a pair of headlamp and fog lamp. But the proposal to replace the bulb with LEDs is being done so that lighting can be better than the Halogen type.

So was the proposal for additional lighting at several corners, especially in R3 and R4. This is quite crucial because the corner of the bend that requires the car to be slightly shifted when facing the two bends.

Whereas in the small 'S' bend it will be safer because the speed is quite low, and the big 'S' bend and the last two bends, still get lighting from the Sentul tower.

Another challenge is the fog which is likely to go down even though it doesn't rain, considering the location of Sentul which is close to the city of Bogor. Automatic selection of the color of the lamp light aka degree Kelvin, need to be considered, at least the number below 4,000 Kelvin must be used so that the fog can be penetrated.

Not only that, the wind factor is enough to contribute to the night race. Not to mention wild animals like monitor lizards will often be found at night. That is, drivers need to be alert in facing all these challenges.

Is that fun enough?