An awful lot going on, the engine overheated because the radiator clogged or blocked. Should it not be the case, when the radiator is drained periodically. "One of the causes of the radiator is blocked by the accumulated sediment or dirt contained in the duct and radiator grille. To anticipate this, radiator water should be drained every 6 months or at least 1 year, "said Suryo, the head of authorized workshops in Permata Hijau, West Jakarta.

Meanwhile, to achieve optimal results in a drain and clean the radiator, radiator flush can use. "Its function is to dislodge any dirt on the radiator duct. Certainly does not cause side effects that are harmful to the engine, "said this gentleman.

We have had many outstanding radiator flush on the market. But one product that many car owners are unreliable Master Radiator Super Flush. Why? Because this product has many advantages compared to other products. Surely able to drain and clean the crust on the inside of the radiator.

Formula radiator flush: Master Radiator Super Flush very friendly with machines car in a tropical country like Indonesia. "Since most automobile engines in tropical countries tend to work harder. But cleaning the radiator with Master Radiator Super Flush, it will make the performance of the cooling device in the car more perfect. Being able to clean the dirt in the radiator more leverage. Use of this fluid is also very easy and practical," said Suryo. AI