To further improve driving safety, you should also pay attention to clarity windshield. Because if your windshield is a bit dull, certainly very limited visibility, especially when driving at night, this is certainly disturbing you. Isn’t it?

Well, you should have to pay attention to it. But no need to bother to saloon cars or special treatment, to give the best results. You can also do this treatment at home garage. Importantly, you have tools for cleaning the windshield as a special glass cleaner cars. Simple, right?

Oh yes, but that must be considered in the choice of mate is cleaning fluid, of course you should be able to distinguish between products from one another.
The thing to note is that the liquid formula is used, not to make visibility even more limited or even make the glass more opaque.

While to remove dust or dirt from splashing asphalt imprint, it certainly should pay attention to the existing formula in the product. "Pay attention to the existing formula in liquid cleaning products, do not arbitrarily select a product. Because if you are the wrong choice, it will make the windshield become more blurred," said Adi Nugroho mechanical public workshop, specialized in the ​​car care at Kedoya, West Jakarta.

Moreover, not only from the liquid glass cleaner sob, the material used to wash the glass surface must also be considered. "As much as possible using a soft material, or soft foam. So it does not leave scratches on the windshield of the car," added Adi.

So from now, you should be more careful attention to the windshield and use product with best quality as Prestone Glass Cleaner, so that a clearer view when driving again. And one more sob, keep driving safety! AI