To present a sparkling appearance on the car body, generally the owner of the vehicle using body polishes products or so-called cleaner wax. Because this material, easy to use and simple. But the results, it can make the car body like a shiny new vehicle in a short time. Yes, but that if done correctly and not arbitrary. Because there are some things we must note that the wax deliver maximum results on the car body, without damaging the paint.

As described Ajis, one of the crew saloon cars: Cleanique Car Salon, how to use wax is good and right. "Tips that can be applied, when will make the process of waxing, wash and dry your car once the entire body of water. This process will create a wax stick to the paint surface and provide maximum results."

After that, still Ajis said, "The most important thing is the time to apply wax on the vehicle body. Use wax by pressing while turning it clockwise a regular basis. Do it up evenly to the entire body outside the vehicle to be buffed. The longer the play it will get maximum results. Having given the average wax, end with a microfiber wipe cloth wear (special cloth that does not leave debris fabric fibers). In order to maximize results, you should use a wax when the condition of the car body in cold temperatures, no moisture or dirt. Because Dirt slightest, can cause fine scratches on clear coat paint. "

Well, if you hear Ajis suggestions above, it might be worthwhile doing waxing at night in your vehicle. In addition to the air temperature is not hot, the flying dust is also less when compared to daytime. This will certainly make the absorption of wax on your car body paint more leverage. Also make sure the body polishes also chosen not mistaken, according to the needs and purposes for your vehicle. One of them: Prestone Activated Water can be an option. AI