Tyres are the only intermediary vehicle with asphalt. The quality of the tyres is very important  for the safety of the trip. One common case but overlooked is under inflated tyres. It’s not just bad for your comfort, but it’s also dangerous.


At the time of flat or less wind, the surface of the tire tread to the asphalt is largely the periphery area of the tire. While the middle area are bent upward. As a result, the side of the tire run out faster than the inside parts.


Under inflated tyres can cause problem that we use to call it ‘pregnant’. There are some swollen part in the sidewall. It emerged as a result lack of tyre pressure, so that it can handle when it get impact. As a result, the construction of the tire damage, the tyre steel wires breaking and there come the swollen.

Bad Handling

This is dangerous. Because the soft tires, it will be difficult to control the vehicle. It’s not just in low speeds, it’s even worse when you run fast. This is very dangerous if you face unexpected situation and need to take quick maneuvering...

Wasteful Fuel

When it doesn’t get enough air, there will more tire section that stick to asphalt. As a result, the coefficient of friction or resistance between the tires and the asphalt surface are getting bigger. The consequence, you need more power. Your machines must work harder, and hit your throttle deeper, and more fuel consumption.

Easily Burst

Many people think that excess wind tire are much easier to burst. Wrong! The real danger is under inflated tyre. Using under inflated tyre in long-distance or longer drive, will cause early tyre fatigue. This will lead to the wire thread of the tire strength reduced drastically. If you have this, the tyre could burst at any time.

Text: Autochem Team
Foto Source: BMGComAu