While doing a long journey, eg back to hometown, one thing that is often experienced is; ran out of fuel on the road. From there it was then a question arises; if my car using pertamax or pertamax plus, can be mixed with premium? Or just the opposite. Understandably, because sometimes the conditions in certain areas, rather difficult to find one type of fuel that is needed.

As said Rahmanto, chief mechanic car repair shop in the area Joglo, West Jakarta, "I think, in an emergency, the fuel mix anyway, no problem. Provided, the composition according to the rules. Since I had a regular consumers, several times been mixing the fuel in the car and so far does not have constraints on the engine. "

Still according to the man's usually called Rahman, "Just yes it is, the composition of which is generally done mixing car owners are, octane fuel capacity is higher, certainly more. For example if the premium 5-liter, pertamax plus its doubled. That if you want to be safe and still feels the effects of maximum engine performance,"  reason Rahman .

Oh yes, as information, a premium has octane number, or RON (Research Octane Number) 88, while pertamax 92 and pertamax plus has an octane rating of 95. "So, if in the process of mixing, the composition of a lower octane fuel or premium more precisely, on the engine performance is certainly not much changed. Because the octane numbers  is not too much to grow," continued this polite man.

Moreover, according to Rahman, if the composition does not fit, it is feared that this mixing process will cause carbon buildup on the machine. Furthermore this carbon buildup could spread to the spark plugs and cause the car suddenly hard to starter. Actually, plugs that can 'self-cleaning' that run on top of 5,000 rpm, in other words accelerated.

"To determine the effects of adulterated fuel consumption results; premium and pertamax one of them can be seen from the condition of the spark plug's head will appear red brick. On the contrary, if the frequent use of the fuel mixture, then the head of the spark plug will appear tanned. That is the condition of the combustion chamber look good ," said Dadan, mechanic of Dewi  Motor workshop in Bintaro Trade Center (BTC), South Jakarta.

So in conclusion, choose fuel according to the specifications of your vehicle. That is, if you have to use premium, better use of the premium. Similarly, if you are required to use pertamax, yes disposable pertamax. Because for modern cars, especially those produced in 90 upwards and has adopted the latest technology, such as the supply of fuel injection system (EFI) equipped devices or catalytic converters, fuel should be worth octane 92 upwards. This equates  pertamax or pertamax plus. AI