There are many ways car owners to improve vehicle performance. One of them with a boost octane in the fuel, namely by adding chemicals that are not commonly used. Examples of powdered camphor (camphor), methanol (methylated) or ethanol (alcohol). Is it true that the material can make the better performance of the machine? Or actually even no negative side effects?

Add ingredients as mentioned above, arguably is how to improve the engine performance of traditional methods aka subterfuge. "The effectiveness and usefulness was not really tested scientifically. Mostly, it's only on the testimony or information from mouth to mouth just say the effect is good for engine performance or make increasingly powerful force, "said Ramdhan, the mechanics of the general car repair shop: Kawan Mobil in Serpong, Tangerang, Banten.

In fact, according Ramdhan, because there is no clear test results from the laboratory, mixing system was sometimes no definite dose. Ie one liter of gasoline plus one item that has been refined camphor. "In the past, indeed camphor is often used as an additive to increase octane fuel. As noted, because camphor is generally made from naphthalene compounds or aromatic compounds from petroleum. But now, camphor is rarely use naphthalene, otherwise mostly already made the diklorobenzen (aromatic compounds are more toxic than naphthalene). This compound also has the potential to produce a corrosive acid that is dangerous for the engine and the environment, "explained Ramdhan.

Another effect that camphor mixed into the fuel, it will hamper the process of burning the gasoline itself. Because the value of the boiling point difference with the gasoline boiling point. If the gasoline boiling point at numbers 27-200 degrees Celsius, while the boiling point of 218 degrees Celsius camphor. The dominant even be below 190 degrees Celsius. "Consequently, the potential to produce residues or charcoal deposits in the combustion process," said mechanic born inĀ  Magelang, Central Java.

Another negative impact is mentioned, because camphor have numbers melting point (melting point) is high, it is possible to be clogged fuel filters, injectors and other components. Consequently, even a lackluster engine power. In addition, emissions are also higher. "So, if it was willing to increase octane fuel, a better use of materials or products Octan booster which is already through technical testing in the laboratory. Because they're also already doing research that is not arbitrary. One of the products that can be found is Prestone 0 - 60 Octana Booster. " AI