Like doing your own motorcycle maintenance at spare time, bro? Of course, it is annoying if we meet stubborn bolt and can not be removed. "Yes, it is often like that, sob. Moreover, the bolts are often exposed to water. Not always rust heck, sometimes piles of dirt that settles make stubborn bolts cannot be opened, " said Ridwan Saleh, mechanic and workshop owner TPZ in Rawa Belong, West Jakarta.

The other thing is more annoying, ranging from bare bolt, lock it open for sleek, even the most horror can be opened but broken. Well, the more complex the problem is. Originally just want to replace the brake front, it was instead left for turner.

"It's nice and simple, wear some sort of useful penetrant spray to loosen bolts and nuts are difficult to move because of the inherent, jammed or locked due to dry, the installation of which is too tight or rust. More fun, this spray also as a protection from corrosion and moisture, very useful anyway. Make my duty very easy," said mechanic originally from Betawi.

So how to use Master MP 80 Super Penetrant? Shake well before use. Spray on the parts to be lubricated. Take a few moments to absorb. To clean, wipe the surface. To protect from rust, let the lubricant remains on the surface. Gently tap or vibrate at the connection to release a jammed or rusted parts. Repeat if necessary and leave to infuse for longer. Even more severe, penetrant can also be sprayed on the head plugs are wet due to rains and floods or direct attach.

So, there is no longer a story difficult bolt is opened! AI