This important car component, spark plug was first invented by Edmond Berger on February 2, 1839 in France. In it’s early time around 1900’s, spark plugs from France dominated the global market.

Then there was Albert Champion, automotive enthusiast born in France in 1878, who emigrated to the United States of America to attend a number of races. But in those days it was difficult to get parts in America. So he finally decided to produce his own components, including spark plugs and then selling it to his friends to cover the costs.

After that, the development of spark plugs in America was getting more interesting. In 1911 Electric Autolite, a generators manufacturer began operating. In 1927 Electric Autolite acquired Prest-O Lite Battery campony, a battery manufacturers. Since then they decided to jump in to automotive components business and began producing spark plugs, led by Robert Twells, a ceramics engineer.

Autolite instantly got success and became a supplier for a number of car manufacturers in that period. Such as Chrysler, Studebaker, Packard and Willys. In 1940, Autolite even started producing advertising and sponsoring CBS TV program in 1950s.

Autolite has now become one of the famous American brand. Their products are sold in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Asia. Autolite now manufactured and marketed by FRAM Group, LLC, a company based in Auckland, New Zealand. Not only dominate the common and passenger market, since April 2000, Autolite became official spark plugs for the biggest race in America, NASCAR.

Text: Autochem Team